Iron Chef 2017 - Tenant Resource Center

Iron Chef 2017

Come Eat for Housing Justice in Wisconsin!  

The Tenant Resource Center will host our annual Iron Chef fundraiser on:

Friday, March 31st, 2017

from 5pm to 8pm at

The Brink Lounge in Madison


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Please RSVP to the event! Bring an empty stomach and an adventurous spirit! The suggested donation is $25 -- more if you can and less if you can't. No one turned away for lack of funds. Every guest will get ballots for the People's Choice Award to vote on their favorite dish!

Friday, March 31, 2017
5pm - 8pm
The Brink Lounge (Madison)

R.S.V.P. on our website or Facebook page!

The Battles are going to be amazing! They are:

- BATTLE LEMONGRASS: Michael Jacob vs. Chris Laurent
- BATTLE BEER: Stephen Nass vs. Stephen Vig (battle of the Stephens!)
- BATTLE CAULIFLOWER: Matt Roberts vs. Mourning Dove
- BATTLE CARDAMON: Katrina Gray vs. Steph Tai
- BATTLE KALE: Conner Wild vs. Luciano Vignali
- BATTLE COCONUT: Diane Brown representing Dane County TimeBank vs. Kim Daley
- BATTLE MANGO: Andrew Walsh and Jennica Skoug vs. Cristina Lor, Christina Wen and Rachel Witthoft

New!  Cocktail Hour

We are extending the length of the event!  Our celebration will be from 5p - 8pm: 5 - 6pm will be cocktail hour, and food will be served at 6:00.  This will give the chefs more time to set up, and give the judges more time to see the full presentation. 

The Citizens United Award
Money can't buy everything -- but it can buy elections!
The 2017 Iron Chef competition will continue with the award for the Chef who raises the most cash votes in their name to benefit TRC. This entirely unregulated process will favor the most creative, random, or ruthless strategy for getting the most bucks into their buckets! The proud winner will receive a one-year supply of envy, infamy, and self-satisfaction.
"Master Chef" Chosen by the People
The winners of each ingredient battle at the 2016 Iron Chef event will be invited to compete a single dish at our 2016 fall fundraiser. The winner will be selected by the people. 
"Real life. Real solutions." Help us keep helping!
In 2016, TRC helped more than 15,000+ people with rental housing issues. Even with our funding cuts and changes to services, those numbers will remain high! Your support at Iron Chef will help us continue to keep families safe in their homes and unlock the doors to affordable housing. 
You can also: 
Click HERE to donate directly to our event
Click HERE to become a Sustainer and be listed as a sponsor of all our events
Click HERE to donate through Community Shares of Wisconsin
Finally, TimeBank dollars are welcome as well!  
Please, if you see them, thank our sponsors and Judges!!!

David Ahrens
Karen Andro
Mary Anglim
Joanne Black
Barbara Bolan
Tina BonDurant
John Brandon
Katherine Briggs
Carol & Peter Carstensen
Kayleigh Chiono
Forrest Clark
Martine Davis
Pat DiBiase & Allen Ruff
Jeanne Erickson
Marilyn Fiel
Suzanne Folberg
Diana Goodavage
George Hagenauer
Marcia Hazen
Patrick Heck
Lori Kief
Sharon Kilfoy
Steve King
John Koch
Bonnie Konkel
Kendi Larrabee
Stewart Macaulay
Jeanne MacCubbin & Al Seeger
Mike Marineau
Jeanne Marshall
Megin & Scott McDonell
Brian Ohm
Larry Orr
Pete Ostlind
Deb Percival
Leslie Peterson
Gary Poulson
Rick & Sara Richards
Michele Ritt
Melissa Schmidt
Chris Schmidt
Margaaux Shields
Chuck & Connie Smalley
Chad Thompson
Libby Tucci
Sydney VanBerg
Jeanne Verschay
Bruce & Donna Wallbaum
Elizabeth Wallman
Heidi Wegleitner & PT & Link Bjerke
Cecilia Wild
Devin Wixon
Anders Zanichkowsky
Dace Zeps & Tim Dean
Willy Street Co-op
City of Madison - Local 6000
Cinnaire Corporation
Curbside Composter
Project Babies/Today Not Tomorrow

Libby Tucci
Leslie B. Elkins
Elizabeth Folberg
Corey Jacobs
Michele Ritt
Melissa Mennig
Amanda Munsey
Cheryl Meunier
Carmen Evanco
Joel Girard
Cris Carusi
Heidi Konkel
Aushay Woulard
Robert Hodge

Any questions, feel free to ask.  We appreciate the many people who have supported us over the years and look forward to another successful event with your help!  I hope you an come and help us keep helping!
Thank you for your support in these, once again, challenging times!!!!
March 31, 2017 at 5pm - 8pm

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