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Thirteen Ways to Help TRC!

Tenant Resource Center is celebrating our 35th anniversary on Friday, November 13th! We will hold our annual silent auction at The Brink Lounge from 5pm - 7pm.

We are also facing a serious funding cut in the Dane County budget process that would eliminate services for nearly all of our clients outside the City of Madison. We are asking our community to advocate, donate and celebrate to support housing justice in Wisconsin! Here are 13 ways you can help:


#1. Contact Joe Parisi. He can restore the TRC funding in the budget. He will propose his budget to the county board the first week in October. Please send him an email ( or call his office (266-4114) asking him not to cut services to Dane County residents and fund the Tenant Resource Center!

#2. Show up on Wednesday, September 16th and register! The County Executive and the County Board are having a hearing on the Human Services budget. The meeting is at the Alliant Energy Center at 6:00. Please stop by to register your support for the Tenant Resource Center.  Please stay and fill the room to show the large amount of support we have.

#3. Show up on Wednesday, September 16th and speak! If you feel brave . . .  please sign up to speak on our behalf. Most persuasive will be personal testimonies of us helping people, particularly people we have helped outside City of Madison but in Dane County or people we helped in services that will be cut.


The Tenant Resource Center has always worked on a shoe-string budget. We need your donations -- of time, goods, and money! Here are ways to donate:

#4. Volunteer for Housing Counseling! Work directly with clients and help them solve their housing problems! This is engaging and highly rewarding work, with a minimum commitment of only 3 hours/week for a year, and we provide extensive training and support. We are holding our fall training October 17 & 18. For more information and to get involved, click here.

For housing professionals, check out our Housing Law Seminar in Madison on October 29 and 30! More detail TBA here, so stay tuned!

#5. Donate skills for office work! Looking for a more casual role than housing counseling? We need help with administrative tasks to keep our doors open! E-mail Matt Kozlowski, our Office Manager:

#6. Donate time to our gigantic mailing! Help us get the invites out for our November 13th fundraiser! We are having a mailing party Saturday and Sunday, September 26 and 27 from 10am - 4pm at the Social Justice Center. Lunch will be provided. Contact Anders:

#7. Donate to our Housing Crisis Fund! These grants help people keep their housing when facing eviction, and get into housing when they can’t afford security deposits. We do this with smaller, very effective grants that pay off the final balance someone owes to a landlord.  Donate here, make sure to say it’s for the “Housing Crisis Fund”

#8.  Become a sustainer! Any donor can do this with a monthly contribution. It’s easy, convenient, and it helps us maintain smooth funding throughout the year. Set up yours today on our Sustainers page!

#9. Just DONATE! Watch as we stretch your money farther than you thought was possible! No amount is too great or too small. A donation of $25 can help four to six different people work one-on-one with a counselor to avoid eviction, get their landlord to make repairs, or apply for an apartment. A donation of $500 can provide one month of bilingual services to our Spanish and Hmoob-speaking community members.


#10. Sponsor the event! We will add your name/organization to our invitation reaching thousands of fellow TRC supporters. The deadline is NOON on Monday, September 21. Contact Brenda if you would like to be listed as a sponsor:  

#11. Donate an item to the silent auction! Are you an artist or craftsperson? A local business? Can you teach piano, or bake a dozen cookies? Our silent auction brings in the most creative prizes and local gifts in town -- let us know what you can contribute! E-mail Anders:

#12. Donate food or a gift card from your favorite restaurant! To help with our menu for the event, contact Anders:

Lucky #13... Join us on Friday, November 13th! You can find our event here and on Facebook. And don’t forget to spread the word!

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