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Adventurous Spirits and Stomachs Unite!

My friends. Oh my goodness. We CANNOT WAIT to see you all THIS FRIDAY, April 6th for THE IRON CHEF.

This is our tastiest of all fundraisers, wherein daring volunteer amateur chefs create a tasting menu around their mystery ingredient. For this amazing event, we the attendees are the real winners with this delightful food. The food this year will center around Cherries, Basil, Shiitake Mushrooms, Beets or Black Garlic. Join us to eat incredible food, drink delicious drinks and socialize with people who are passionate about social justice and housing. Your taste buds will thank you! We can't wait to see you there.

Chefs and Ingredients! Announcing this year's Iron Chefs and battles:
  • Battle: Shiitake Mushrooms - Sarah Gilmore vs. Samantha Haack
  • Battle: Beets - Conner Wild vs. Matt Koz
  • Battle: Cherries - Christina Wen vs. Diane Brown
  • Battle: Basil - Andrew Walsh & Jennica Skoug vs. Gabriel Clemente
  • Battle: Black Garlic - Steph Tai & Steve Vig

As a side note (and I know that you guys read all the things I have to say for THESE DELIGHTFUL TANGENTIAL MOMENTS), this is a really special event for us. For one, it's fun. It's fulfilling on a lot of levels. For another, the work we do is really tough - we navigate highly imperfect systems with our clients, for whom we care deeply. This event is one of the few things we do that doesn't have substantial cognitive dissonance for us. And you know what? That's cause for celebration. JOIN US! Let's eat delicious things and enjoy one another's company and have a great time!


Laura & the rest of the TRC staff

PS. Don't forget to vote today! 

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