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Big Share 2018

Hello, Friends! Tomorrow is the The Big Share,* an online day of giving through the Community Shares of Wisconsin. The TRC is so lucky to be a member of Community Shares, and today, they are supporting all their member nonprofits with an amazing, all-out fundraiser, for one day only. 

This is an amazing chance to be part of the work that Community Shares supports. They disperse their funds to local nonprofits working towards environmental and social change, and make a profound impact in our Wisconsin communities.  Together, we can make a truly powerful statement about the work that we want to do here in Wisconsin, and the state we want it to be.

You can support the TRC on this page, or the entire Big Share right here.

One day. One community. Many ways to share. Be part of something bigger than you. 

Keep up with us! Our Facebook page will have updates throughout the day! We will be sharing stories about our work, our clients, our successes and our challenges all day on March 6. The truth is, that our daily lives at the TRC are not easy. We talk to our clients about harrowing moments in their lives. We treat them like people. We  witness their pain. We find solutions. But, it feels good for us all to take a moment, shake off the heavy, and talk about the wins. With your support, we do this to ensure another day doing this work that feels so right, in the midst of a world that doesn't always seem like it cares. 

And you could win, too! We will be giving away prize bags worth more than $300 each, to randomly selected TRC donors throughout the day! Any donation amount qualifies you to win, so give early and give often on March 6. 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:
1. Follow the TRC on FacebookThat's where we'll be posting throughout the day. It's also where we'll post who the winners are once names have been drawn.
2. Donate to the TRC through the Big Share page. No donation is too small to help. Donate early and donate often.
3. Win big wins! See what we do! Know that you're part of a community which is doing something meaningful.

Tomorrow's going to be a great day. Hope to see you there. 

What exactly is the Big Share, you ask? The Big Share is an online day of giving hosted by Community Shares of Wisconsin for nearly 70 local nonprofits (including the TRC) dedicated to building an equitable, just community and protecting our environment. Community Shares of Wisconsin gives member agencies prizes throughout the day of the Big Share, based on donor participation. (The TRC, in turn, awards prizes to donors who give during those hours).

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