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CORE ERA Program Specialist

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About Us:

The Tenant Resource Center is a dynamic, nonprofit, membership organization that has served Wisconsin since 1980. We are dedicated to promoting positive relations between rental housing consumers (tenants) and providers (landlords). By providing information and referrals, education about rental rights and responsibilities, and access to conflict resolution, we empower the community to obtain and maintain quality affordable housing.

Position:     CORE ERA Program Specialist

Program Description:

The Dane CORE Program provides federal emergency rental assistance (ERA) for eligible households within Dane County. This position works with eligible tenants and landlords (who are applying on behalf of their tenants) throughout Dane County who have back owed rent and are in need of rental assistance.


The Dane CORE ERA Program Specialist position will serve as administrative support for our CORE rental assistance program by assisting tenants, landlord and other staff members with service documentation, payment processing, IT functions, and other duties as assigned. This position works closely with the Eviction Prevention Program Director and the Finance Director.

Wage and Benefits: $20.00/hour; 40 hours/week; some evening and weekend hours required.

Term: This is a 2 month LTE position; extensions may be possible in the event additional funding becomes available.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide primary support for tenants and landlords in processing of emergency rental assistance application materials.
    • Maintain efficient daily workflow with assigned clients as a means to expedite emergency rental assistance funds.
    • Aid tenants and landlords in collecting/uploading required application documents (such as income documentation, leases, rent ledgers, and any other needed documents).
    • Conduct outreach via phone, email, and in-person contact as needed in order to expedite the processing of emergency rental assistance applications.
    • Maintain electronic copies of client records in accordance with grant requirements.
    • Process electronic application materials and maintain file systems to support these functions.
    • Maintain exemplary complete and accurate application materials in order to ensure compliance with federal and local requirements.
  • Administrative support for application processing.
    • Review tenant and landlord applications for completeness per funding guidelines including:
      • Household income documents in order to calculate annual household income;
      • Leases to determine eligible costs under the rental agreement;
      • Rent ledgers to ensure accurate balances are reported and paid.
    • Coordinate with outreach staff and clients when there are issues with required documentation and/or application status so as to expedite the review process.
    • Assist Finance Director with paperwork processing including, but not limited to, mailing payments, filing paperwork, and processing payment batches.


  • Demonstrated ability to navigate computer-based systems like Microsoft Office Suite, Google Suite, and other mobile web applications or cloud-based systems.
  • Previous experience working within online databases and ability to quickly adapt to new computer program reporting tools.
  • Previous experience with income documentation, rent ledgers, and Wisconsin tenant-landlord rights and responsibilities.
  • Demonstrated ability to work professionally with persons of diverse backgrounds and abilities in extreme personal crisis.
  • Ability to manage affect and maintain professional boundaries.
  • Good organizational skills and ability to work independently and with close attention to detail.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, including a pleasant phone manner and ability to take complicated and technical information and make it more accessible.

In Office Work Requirements:

  • Reliable transportation necessary.
  • Ability and willingness to work in an office environment for the majority of the time; primary work hours are between 8am-6pm; Monday-Friday.
  • Strict adherence in following all public health guidelines around the use of PPE, social distancing, and any other guidelines issued by Public Health and/or the Tenant Resource Center.
  • Ability to remain productive, professional, and calm in a high-stress environment for up to 8 hours at a time.
  • Experience working with time-sensitive information with a concrete understanding that community members may lose their housing without efficient processing of applications.

Preferred Skills:

  • Spanish, Chinese, Hmoob, Arabic, or other language fluency.
  • Current participation in community-based services related to housing security.

Transportation: Must have a valid driver's license and reliable transportation - travel required on a regular basis.

Other Notes:

Individuals employed by the Tenant Resource Center (TRC) are required to report any conflicts of interest to their direct supervisor and are prohibited from processing applications for individuals with whom they are related to, or have a current/past (personal or professional) relationship. Employees of TRC are also prohibited from receiving rental assistance funds from programs that are operated by the TRC. All program technology needs are supplied by TRC. This includes cell phones, computers, printing, etc.

To Apply:

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Applicants who do not hold educational or experiential requirements but believe they hold necessary skills from other means are strongly encouraged to apply.

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