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Dane County CARES Eviction Prevention Program


As of 11:59pm September 7th, 2020 the Dane County CARES Program will no longer be accepting applications for rental assistance.

Since opening the CARES application system on June 15th we have received over 8000 requests for assistance and have infused more than $9 million of rental assistance and helped keep more than 13,000 people in their housing throughout Dane County. We will continue to process the 1000+ applications within the system until all funds are exhausted. As a reminder, we can only process requests for assistance for back owed rent. All applications are processed on a prioritization basis - not first come, first serve. We cannot guarantee that an application will be authorized for payment but you will receive an email 1) when you submit your application for processing, 2) if there is any additional information needed for processing, 3) (if authorized) when a payment is being sent on your behalf to your landlord and/or 4) if the application is ineligible for payment.

The Tenant Resource Center and our partners, Freedom Inc and the Latinx Consortium for Action, are hopeful that there will be additional funding made available in the coming weeks. There is no doubt that without additional rental assistance there will be significant increases in evictions and homelessness. We know that people are suffering and scared -- there are many unknowns still ahead.

Landlords and tenants: Please contact your elected officials to let them know your needs. Please work together from a place of community - communicate with one another and work from a place of shared goals. And please don’t hesitate to contact the Tenant Resource Center 608.257.0006 if you have questions about your rights or responsibilities as a landlord or tenant OR are in need of mediation (ext 8) related to your housing - these are free services provided by TRC.

As we approach winter, we need to work together more than ever before. Unlike a term lease, this pandemic has no end date or option to non-renew.

All of the services we provide beyond rental assistance are still available. If you need assistance with mediation between yourself and your landlord (or tenant), please don't hesitate to reach out either via phone (608-257-0006 x8) or by filling out this short form.

If you have questions about your rental rights or responsibilities, please don't hesitate to call us at 608-257-0006 or email us at [email protected] [English] or Se Habla Español: 608-257-0006 x1 -- [email protected] 

Program Closed

Programa cerrado

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608-257-0006 x1تطبيق هنا

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Program Eligibility: Eligible Costs: Documents Needed:
  1. Residents of Dane County
  2. COVID-19 Economic Hardship
  3. Household Income ≤ 80% AMI
  4. Adult (18+)
  • Documented Rental Arrears (Back-Owed Rent)

*Not to exceed 4 months' rent total*

  • Completed W9 Form
  • Eviction Notice, Hearing Date, Stipulation, or other Documentation of Back-Owed Balance
  • Landlord Agreement

Frequently Asked Questions:

• When will assistance check begin being mailed out? Monday, June 22, 2020

• Are subsidized units eligible for this assistance? YES!

• Is mobile home lot rent eligible? YES!

• Is immigration status asked / required to apply or receive funds? NO!

• Can I receive funds if I applied for / received W.R.A.P assistanceYES, as long as the request is not for the same rental period (double payments are not permitted).

• Can these funds pay for mortgage payments? NO.

• Can these funds pay for commercial property rent? NO. These funds are only available for residential tenants.

• Can I apply now and again later if I can't keep up with my rent? Yes, but this program will end when all County funds are exhausted.

Additional Program Updates:

As of 7/18/2020:

  • Applications Received: 5700+
  • Rental Assistance Authorized: $4,677,665.93
  • Rental Assistance Requested: $9,733,299.78
  • Over 88% of applicants report job/income loss
  • Over 1,100 requests for housing counseling, mediation, or assistance with applications
  • Average amount of rental assistance needed: 4.75 months
  • Less than 4% of applicants are receiving unemployment benefits
  • 40% of applicants are in the eviction process

Prioritization of Applications:

We want these funds to reach everyone who is in need, however we know that these funds will not be enough. The County Board and Tenant Resource Center has developed a list of priorities based on data from the past 20 years of Dane County evictions. These will be utilized to prioritize rental assistance to tenants with the greatest need and who are at greatest risk of losing housing. Once an application is completed and submitted, the responses from the applicant will be prioritized based on risk. All information provided by the applicant will remain confidential. We understand that often times folks with criminal cases or evictions on CCAP are discriminated against or excluded from assistance, that is not the purpose of these application questions, but rather to show increased risk of possible homelessness. Those who work in housing services deeply understand the difficulty in obtaining stable housing in Dane County with past experiences of eviction or incarceration. This program was created as a crisis response to prevent eviction and homelessness.

• Tenants at or below 50% of County AMI
• Tenants who currently have housing challenges
○ Active Eviction Filing
○ Received a Notice (i.e. 5-day, 14-day, etc.)
      ○ On a court-ordered eviction stipulation (i.e. payment plan)
• Tenants who have past housing challenges and barriers to obtaining new housing
○ CCAP listings
• Eviction
• Criminal Cases
○ Past experience(s) of homelessness
○ Need for accessible units or other disabilities

If you would like to learn more about Housing and Eviction in Dane County, please check out the following reports/articles, contact us at [email protected] or contact your Alder or County Board Supervisor to hear about what that looks like within your neighborhood.

Evicted in Dane County, Wisconsin

Rental Housing Affordability in Dane County

Is you neighborhood gentrified? Madison report identifies areas of displacement

City of Madison Impediments to Fair Housing Choice 2019

Multiple Eviction: An Investigation of Chain Displacement in Dane County, Wisconsin

Understanding the Causes of Eviction-Based Urban Displacement

Geography of Opportunity Fair Housing Equity Assessment WI Capital Region

Program Closed

Programa cerrado

Thov ntawm no - 608-257-0006 x1

608-257-0006 x1تطبيق هنا

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Landlord/Property Manager Information

Please consider helping your tenants apply for the Dane County CARES rental assistance funds by having W9s printed and ready to go for them as well as the Landlord Agreement. We know that both you and tenants are stressed by the economic hardship that has been caused by COVID-19. We know that eviction and turn-over in units is really costly to you. By helping tenants access these funds, we are hopeful that at least some of that stress will be reduced.

We cannot pay fees that fall under the protections of either the Federal CARES Act Moratorium or the temporary addition to ATCP 134.09. Both prohibit late fees at this time. If you are unsure if your property falls under the Federal CARES Act Moratorium, you can check here or talk with whomever holds your mortgage.

Many financial institutions are working closely with their mortgage-holders in regards to forbearance and refinancing. Please be sure to check with your financial institution to find out what assistance may be available to you as a property owner.


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