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TRC Dane County Cares Program Overview

For the past 40 years, the Tenant Resource Center has worked tirelessly to fulfill our mission of Housing Justice throughout the State of Wisconsin. We know that there has always been great need in our community for eviction prevention – rental assistance, mediation and housing counseling. With the onset of COVID-19, the need for those services has exponentially increased which why we are so proud to be able to partner with Dane County Human Services to facilitate the disbursement of Federal CARES Act rental assistance funds throughout Dane County.

Here to apply for Dane County CARES Rental Assistance?

Program Eligibility: Eligible Costs: Documents Needed:
  1. Residents of Dane County
  2. COVID-19 Economic Hardship
  3. Household Income ≤ 80% AMI
  4. Adult (18+)
  • Rental Arrears (Back-Owed Rent)
  • Upcoming Rent Due (Next Month)

*Not to exceed 4 months' rent total*

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