TRC Dane County Cares Program Overview

All of us at the Tenant Resource Center (TRC) are working diligently to meet the immense volume of calls, emails, and applications that we have received since the opening of the Dane County CARES rental assistance program on June 15th, 2020.

Having worked for Housing Justice for the past 40+ years throughout Wisconsin, we have never seen such an unprecedented need. We take this work with great seriousness and know that 1000s of tenants throughout our community are struggling with their housing.

In the first month of this program, our call center has taken over 10,000 calls, 1,000s of emails, and received over 5,000 applications. The demand has far exceeded the amount of funds currently available.

Due to this demand, we will not be able to fulfill every request for rental assistance - particularly those for August rent. Additionally, as the Federal Moratorium ends, we anticipate another surge in applications and evictions being filed. Our partners in the community and at the County level are aware of this development. We are all working together to provide emergency support.

At this time, we will need to stop taking requests for future rental assistance and will shift our focus to the current applications within the system and those that will likely be submitted in the coming week for those with active eviction cases.

We will not be shutting down the application process at this time, but will be prioritizing households that are at the highest risk of homelessness (specifically, those with an eviction filing or a stipulation that is in default).

All of the services we provide beyond rental assistance are still available. If you need assistance with mediation between yourself and your landlord (or tenant), please don't hesitate to reach out either via phone (608-257-0006 x8) or by filling out this short form.

If you have questions about your rental rights or responsibilities, please don't hesitate to call us at 608-257-0006 or email us at [English] or Se Habla Español: 608-257-0006 x1 -- 

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Thov ntawm no - 608-257-0006 x1

608-257-0006 x1تطبيق هنا

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Program Eligibility: Eligible Costs: Documents Needed:
  1. Residents of Dane County
  2. COVID-19 Economic Hardship
  3. Household Income ≤ 80% AMI
  4. Adult (18+)
  • Documented Rental Arrears (Back-Owed Rent)

*Not to exceed 4 months' rent total*

  • Completed W9 Form
  • Eviction Notice, Hearing Date, Stipulation, or other Documentation of Back-Owed Balance
  • Landlord Agreement

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