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E-mail Eviction Notice Scam Making Headlines

We posted last week about an email scam telling folks that their landlord is evicting them.  It's making headlines!

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recently posted about the scam.  

Interestingly, they didn't quite get the details about eviction notices quite right:

  • 28-day notices aren't eviction notices, they are non-renewal notices that a landlord can send to a month-to-month tenant (or a month-to-month tenant can send to a landlord).  While a landlord can still pursue an eviction after sending one, it's not necessarily given because tenants did something wrong.  For more information on ending a lease, see our website.
  • 5-day notices with NO right to cure aren't just for drug nuisance, they can also be for situations where domestic abuse, sexual assault or stalking is occurring.  For details, see Wis. Stat. 704.16, or you can contact us with questions.
  • Some evictions start with a 30-day notice, which isn't referenced in the article.  For tenants who have leases longer than 1 year, if they violate the lease by not paying rent or not following the terms of the lease, the landlord must send a 30-day notice to the tenant, giving them the chance to correct the problem.  If the tenant doesn't get right within the 30 days, then the landlord can legally go through the eviction process in court.

Evictions can be pretty confusing!  Get your facts straight on our webpage about Evictions.

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