Executive Director - Tenant Resource Center

Executive Director

The Tenant Resource Center is a nonprofit, membership organization dedicated to promoting positive relations between tenants and landlords throughout Wisconsin. By providing information and referrals, education about rental rights and responsibilities, and access to conflict resolution, we empower the community to obtain and maintain quality affordable housing. We are on the cutting edge of affordable housing, one of the most significant issues of our time. Join us as we work to change the world!


Position:     Executive Director

Hours:         Full time, limited evenings/weekend work required

Benefits:     18 paid personal/vacation days annually plus paid holidays

                    Health, Vision and Dental Insurance; Flexible Schedule Possible

Salary:         $70,000/year


Position Responsibilities:

Values and Commitment

  • Champion the mission and vision of TRC, within the organization and externally in the community
  • Recruit and retain a diverse staff reflective of client populations served
  • Demonstrate emotional intelligence to manage and maintain a safe, productive, and supportive workplace

Business and Fundraising

  • Oversee planning, implementation, evaluation, and quality improvement of day-to-day operation at the organizational level
  • Ensure a strong financial base for the organization by overseeing financial operations and fundraising activities
  • Identify grant opportunities and coordinate all TRC grant funding efforts, including city, county, state, federal and nongovermental sources, as appropriate. Monitor grant performance and ensure compliance
  • Ensure operational transparency by overseeing the production and distribution of an annual report. The annual report will detail program goals, objectives, and activities, and program impact and outcome metrics. It will also include income and major funding streams, program and operational expenditures
  • Coordinate Board Activities with the TRC Board President
  • Compile and provide TRC business statistics and compliance reports to Board monthly and as requested

Leadership and Systems

  • Oversee and guide implementation of employee recruitment, supervision, and performance management policies for the organization, and ensure compliance with TRC standards and policies
  • Oversee the construction and maintenance of structures of accountability
  • Build and sustain strong partnerships with other agencies, community organizations, and media
  • Other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors

Organizational Culture

  • Ensure staff have the tools and resources they need to do the work
  • Build and sustain a collaborative and inclusive management culture, including overseeing the inclusion of staff, volunteers, stakeholders, and members of the public in significant decision-making through public outreach, listening sessions, and/or open meetings that involve audience participation or small group discussion
  • Ensure environment where staff feel heard, valued, and safe to express disagreement

Housing Information Services and Housing Placement Services

  • Provide leadership, guidance, and support to both direct reports and TRC program staff in housing information services, counseling, mediation, eviction prevention, and services to assist individuals experiencing homelessness in obtaining stable housing
  • Cultivate and maintain knowledge of landlord-tenant law and state and local homeless and housing services


Values and Commitment

  • Commitment to mission and vision of TRC, which includes providing information and counseling on landlord tenant law, mediation services, eviction prevention, and housing placement services and for individuals experiencing homelessness, with a commitment to housing first principles
  • Demonstrated skills in cultural competency and building an inclusive work environment
  • Experience in a non-profit or government agency preferred. Knowledge of and experience with programs serving people who are low-income, have experienced housing insecurity, discrimination, or trauma
  • Case management experience or training preferred

Business and Fundraising

  • Financial literacy required, business background preferred
  • Fundraising experience and skills required, Madison network preferred

Leadership and Systems

  • Ability to build structures of accountability around subjects over which they are not an expert
  • Filing financial and annual reports which are accurate, complete, and on time
  • Compliance with all grant requirements and other regulatory requirements
  • Ability to build and sustain strong partnerships with other agencies, community organizations, and media
  • Strong strategic thinker with experience in strategic planning and system analysis
  • Experience interpreting and applying organizational policies including HR and governance

Organizational Culture

  • Ability to build relationships, foster trust, and ensure a positive work environment. Proven track record of maintaining low staff turnover and high morale
  • Experience with and commitment to collaborative leadership, including public outreach, listening sessions, and/or open meetings
  • Willing to listen, collaborate, and learn. Demonstrated conflict resolution skills, honesty, integrity, dedication, and work ethic


Resumes and cover letters may be emailed to edsearch@tenantresourcecenter.org by noon on Sunday, June 30th, 2019. 




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