Housing Counselor Training Guide: Dane County Appendix

Housing Counselor Training Guide: Dane County Appendix

This appendix has links to all of the laws and regulations that are referenced in Tenant Resource Center's Housing Counselor Training Guide (Dane County) publication. For laws and regulations that apply to the entire state, (which includes Dane County) please see our statewide appendix.



Madison General Ordinances

            9.23 - Regulations of Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks

            23.05(3) - Smoking in Residential Rental Units

            25.09 - Chronic Nuisance Premises

            32 - Unrevised Landlord and Tenant Code

            Memorandum from City Attorney, "Impact of 2011 Wisconsin Act 108 relating to Tenant/Landlord Relations"

            Possible Changes to MGO 32 under 011 Wisconsin Act 108 and 2013 Wisconsin Act 176

            34.907 - Madison Smoke Detector Provision

            39.03 - Equal Opportunities Ordinance

            Changes to Chapter 39 under 2011 Wisconsin Act 108

Fitchburg Municipal Code

            FO 32 - Mobile Home Ordinance

            FO 72 - Unrevised Landlord and Tenant Code

Dane County Fair Housing Ordinance

            Chapter 31 - Unrevised Fair Housing

            Possible CHanges to DCO 31


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