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New Apartment Management Binder and Forms

Housing Counselor Training Guide

This 150+ self-help manual written for property owners and rental managers contains information on state and local rental laws and regulations. This guide includes helpful tips and tricks, legal citations, along with clarifying questions and suggested remedies. Additionally, this guide has been updated for all recent law changes. Also included in this guide are all of our forms listed below.

  • Dane County Version - Includes State laws and Regulations as well as Madison, Fitchburg, and Dane County Ordinances
  • State of Wisconsin Version - Includes all State laws and Regulations

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Apartment Management Forms

Interested in getting up-to-date forms that are compliant with the recent law changes? The Tenant Resource Center keeps updated forms for Apartment Management and offers them for a small charge. Below is a list of the forms included in our bundle:

  • 5-Day Cure or Quit Notice
  • 5-Day Termination Notice Due to Nuisance
  • 14-Day Termination Notice
  • 30-Day Cure or Quit Notice
  • Acceptance of Rental Application Sample Letter
  • Application Checklist
  • Application for Co-Signer
  • Application for Residential Tenancy
  • Application Standards Sample Letter
  • Credit Check Notification
  • Disclosure Checklist
  • Landlord Entry Notice
  • Landlord Reference Questions
  • Lead-Based Paint and/or Lead-Based Paint Hazards Disclosure
  • Non-Sufficient Funds Letter
  • Rejection of Rental Application
  • Renewal of Lease Form
  • Security Deposit Deductions Form
  • Smoke Detector Notice

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