Housing Counselor Training Guide: Statewide Appendix

Housing Counselor Training Guide: Statewide Appendix

This appendix has links to all of the laws and regulations that are referenced in Tenant Resource Center's Housing Counselor Training Guide (State of Wisconsin) publication.



Main Tenant-Landlord Statutes

            704 - Tenant/Landlord Law [PDF]                                                                                       

            704 - 2009 Archive 704.05(5) Storage or Disposition of Property Left By Tenant [PDF]

            799 - Small Claims Court Procedure [PDF]

Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection Regulations

            ATCP 134 - Residential Rental Practices [PDF]

Recent Wisconsin Law Changes

            2011 Wisconsin Act 108 [PDF]

            2011 Wisconsin Act 143 [PDF]

            2013 Wisconsin Act 76 [PDF]

            2015 Wisconsin Act 176 [PDF]

            2017 Wisconsin Act 317 [PDF]

Fair Housing                      

            106.50 - Open Housing Law (formerly 106.04) [PDF]

Mobile Homes

            710.15 - Manufactured and Mobile Home Community Regulations [PDF]

            ATCP 125 - Mobile Homes [PDF]

            66.0435 - Manufactured and Mobile Home Communities [PDF]



Building Regulations

            SPS 379.09 – Size of Rooms [PDF]

            101.145 & 101.149 - Smoke Detectors & Carbon Monoxide Detectors                  

            101.645 & 101.647 - Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Procedural Issues

            801.10 [PDF] & 801.11 [PDF]- Service

            801.15 - Computation of Time [PDF]

            985 - Publication of Legal Notices [PDF]

            990.001(4) - Computation of Time [PDF]

            100.18(1) - Fraudulent Representations [PDF]

            814.045 - Reasonable Attorney’s Fees [PDF]

            893.40 - Action on a Contract (Statute of Limitations) [PDF]


            12.04 - Political Signs [PDF]                                                                                               

            66.1010 - No Moratorium on Evictions [PDF]

            100.20(5) - Provision for Double Damages Awards [PDF]                                                      

            66.0104 [PDF] & 66.0107 [PDF] – Local Pre-Emptions                                                               

            823.113 - Drug or Gang Nuisances [PDF]                                                                          

            844 - Waste [PDF]                                                                                                               

            943.13 [PDF] & 943.14 [PDF]- Trespass to Land and Dwellings                                                

            943.215 - Absconding Without Paying Rent [PDF]

            101.145 [PDF] & 101.645 [PDF] - Smoke Detectors

            101.149 [PDF] & 101.647 [PDF] - Carbon Monoxide Detectors                                                        

Safe Housing Act & Relevant Criminal Statutes      

            2007 Wisconsin Act 184 [PDF]                                                                                          

            2009 Wisconsin Act 117 [PDF]                                                                                          

            813.12(4) - Domestic Abuse Injunction [PDF]                                                                   

            813.122(5) - Child Abuse Injunction [PDF]                                                                        

            813.125(4) - Harassment Injunction [PDF]                                                                         

            969 - Bail and Other Conditions of Release [PDF]                                                             


Screening Applicants with Criminal History

           Office of General Counsel Guidance on Application of Fair Housing Act Standards to the Use of Criminal Records by Providers of Housing and Real Estate-Related Transactions

Concealed Carry

            Excerpt “Wisconsin’s New Carrying Concealed Weapons Law:  Questions and Answers” 2011 by Appleton Police Department                                           

Fair Credit Reporting Act (15 USC § 1681)

            Excerpts related to use of credit reports by landlords                                               

Persons with Disabilities / Service Animals

            Service Animals” Excerpt from Rights and Reality II: A publication of Disability Rights Wisconsin                                                           

Foreclosure Information             

            Title VII – Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act                                                    

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act                                                                                  

            Excerpts “Servicemembers Civil Relief Act”                                                           

Carpet Cleaning

            2013 Opinion of Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen [PDF]                                                 


            Paulik v. Coombs (Award of attorney’s fees)                                                           

            Pierce v. Norwick (Calculation of double damages)                                                 

            Baierl v. McTaggart (Effect of prohibited lease provisions)                                     

            Dawson v. Goldammer (Related to Baierl v. McTaggart)                                         

            Dickhut v. Norton (Landlord Retaliation)                                                                 


Legal Action of Wisconsin Contact Information                                                                  

Map of Wisconsin Community Action Programs                                                                  

List of Local Building Inspectors      




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