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Housing Help Desk Funding Cuts

Hi, Everyone. I'm writing with a heavy heart today. The TRC's office out at the Dane County Job Center, the Housing Help Desk, is in danger of being cut. They made a change to the way that our organization is funded (which would make a long gap in funding while the proposal is implemented), proposed at a meeting with very little notice, aren't doing it to any similar organizations, and making it so that the public cannot testify further about this change. Kind of like maybe they didn't want to hear what we might have to say, don't you think?

My request: Please click on this link and sign this petition. They will still accept petitions, emails and phone calls, but no in-person testimony. 

Why: The Housing Help Desk (HHD) is an office that is staffed by impressively compassionate and committed TRC staff members (not me, though I used to work out there). The HHD is the place through which almost all county-wide requests for emergency housing go, and we direct clients (mostly low-income and desperate) to subsidized housing, to affordable housing, to shelters, and try and help them resolve their impressively high barriers to housing. The HHD supports the work of social workers and helping professionals county-wide, who need to figure out where their clients might live sustainably, and meanwhile, where they might spend the night. We serve approximately 1 client every 6 minutes that we have a staff member present in the office, to unravel and educate around significant barriers to housing, such as credit history, abuse, disabilities, and lack of income.

I really believe that the TRC's work at the Housing Help Desk is significant, and I ask your support in continuing its meager funding. The petition is here, and you can always contact us if you have more questions.

PS. Want to help remove the TRC's dependence on insecure funding? Donate here to the TRC!

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