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Iron Chef

Please join us Friday, April 3rd, 2020 from 5:30pm - 8:00pm at The Brink Lounge in Madison! RSVP on our website and/or on our Facebook page!

What is Iron Chef?

Iron Chef is Tenant Resource Center's annual spring fundraiser and food extravaganza. Each year, local chefs, cooks, and food enthusiasts compete in a cooking competition structured like the Food Network show of the same name. The event features between 4-7 battles between chefs surrounding specific ingredients selected by our supporters. Chefs compete for 1) The Peoples' Choice Award (selected from all who attend the event), 2) The Citizen's United Award (selected from cash voting; buy your own election today!), and 3) the winner of each battle (selected by our panel of judges).

Iron Chef attendees are encouraged to move around the event, taste dishes from local foodies, and enjoy conversations with others in our community who are passionate about Housing Justice in Wisconsin.

What does it take to compete as a chef?

Chefs prepare around 50-75 portions of small plate (think: amuse-bouche) of 3-5 dishes centering around their ingredient. Chefs have around two weeks to plan, prepare, and cook these dishes and bring them to competition the night of the event. 

Q: Do you need to be a professional chef to compete?
A: Absolutely not! Some of our most successful contestants have been amateur cooks or people with no formal training.

Q: Do I need to pay for all the ingredients?
A: Nope! We want to facilitate participation from any who are interested. While we greatly appreciate chefs who donate their ingredients for the event, each chef will be reimbursed for up to $125 for their ingredients.

Q: Do I need to prepare vegan or vegetarian dishes?
A: Nope! While the central ingredients will rarely involve meat products, we do not require each chef to prepare vegetarian or vegan dishes. However, we always encourage chefs to prepare dishes that will be the most accessible to event attendees (how else will you win the Peoples' Choice Award!?)

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What does it take to be a judge for the event?

Judges taste the dishes for each battle (sometimes less if we have too many battles!) and score the dishes based on our set criteria: Taste, Creativity, Presentation, and Use of Ingredient. Judges don't need to do anything in preparation for the event, other than bring an appetite!

Q: I have food allergies or dietary restrictions; do I need to taste every dish?
A: Nope! We use a weighted scoring system that adjusts for judges who can't taste dishes due to food restrictions. All are welcome!

Q: Do I need any formal training to be a judge?
A: Nope! The criteria is designed to allow all to participate!

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How can I support this event?

Iron Chef, along with all of our fundraising events for the Tenant Resource Center, relies on grassroots supporters like you! We couldn't continue our work and keep our services free without your support. As a result, the best way to support the event is to become a sponsor by donating today! Sponsors help offset the costs of the event, provide needed resources for our programs, and make sure our efforts for Housing Justice in Wisconsin can continue for another 40 years into the future!

Thanks to all of you for 40 years of Housing Justice in Wisconsin! Your support means a lot to all of us and has made our work possible. Whether you donate your time, energy, money, or taste buds, we couldn't do this without you!

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