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Iron Chef Sponsors, Judges and Chefs Needed!

Everyone's favorite TRC fundraiser is back - but this time, it's BAKED!!  The Tenant Resource Center is planning its annual spring fundraiser for April 4th!  As always,  its the community that makes the work we do a success - we can't do it without you!  So, here's how you can help!

1.   We need sponsors!  You can sponsor the event for $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 or more!  Sponsorships are important because they show community support and encourage others to come to the event.  The money raised will go to help keep our core services strong and help guarantee that we can maintain this level of service into the future, despite decreased or flat support from funders.  We need to be here when someone need repairs done or are getting evicted or need to break their lease, or are homeless, so we can answer their questions!  Sign up here to sponsor hereDEADLINE:  Sunday, March 9th!

2.  Come to the event!  April 4th from 5 - 7 at Brink Lounge.  Bring an empty stomach and an adventurous spirit!  Suggested donation $25, but we understand if you can't give that amount and would welcome a donation of any size.

3.  Judges Needed!  This year, once again there will be a people's choice award in addition to the set of judges that judge the entries.  If you are interested in getting there early (4:30) and helping be an official judge, please let me know.

4.  Chefs needed!   We'll tell you an ingredient, you make hor'dourves for 75 - 100 people, we can reimburse you $100 for the food.   You bring the food around 4:00 to start setting up, people taste, look at and judge it and then someone wins!  But we all have fun and have good food!  Teams welcome.

1.  If you want to be a sponsor, let us know by Sunday, March 9th, end of the day. I can make sure your name makes it on the invitation and you can pay at the door, or we can send you an envelope or . . . you can sign up here!

2.  You can donate by
a)  Writing a check to Tenant Resource Center 1202 Williamson St Suite 102; or 
b)  Donate on-line here through paypal or look right; or
c)  Donate on-line through Community Shares of Wisconsin; or
d)  Become a sustaining member (donate $5 or $10 or more dollars a month through your checking account) and you will be automatically signed up to be a sponsor of our two events every years.  More on sustainers, here;  and finally,
e)  TimeBank dollars are welcome as well! 

Any questions, feel free to ask.  We appreciate the many people who have supported us over the years and look forward to another successful event with your help!  I hope you an come and help us keep helping!

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