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The Tenant Resource Center offers information to tenants, landlords and service providers interested in learning more about their rental rights and responsibilities in Wisconsin (if you aren't in Wisconsin, please click here to find help in your state). 

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Alphabetical List of Topics:

A Coupla Contract Law Issues*
A Few Best Practices for Landlords *
A Small Claims Strategy *
Aging and Abilities in Rental Housing *
All about Subletting *
Apartment Safety
Apartment Searches in the Spring *
Application Fees & Earnest Money *
Assert the Rights You Have *
Bedbugs *
Breaking a Lease: For Tenants *
Broken Leases: Mitigation for Landlords *
CCAP: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly *
Change of Owner *
Constructive Eviction *
Contact the UW based TRC office
Credit Reports
Date with (Rental) Destiny *
Dealing With Unwelcome Guests *
Debt Collection
Discovery *
Domestic abuse (from a Landlord's perspective, from a Tenant's perspective) *
Emotional Support Animals *
End of the Lease: Protect Your Security Deposit *
Ending Your Lease
Eviction Notice Response *
Exclusive Possession *
Fair Housing Laws
Fees & Liquidated Damages *
Fires: The Aftermath *
Five Steps for a Good Moving Day *
For Landlords: Screening Applicants Based on Criminal History *
For Tenants: New HUD Rules About Criminal History *
Foreclosure & Current Foreclosure Laws *
Get It in Writing *
Hot And Cold (Heat and Refrigerators) *
How to Ask for What You Want *
How to Count (Days in a Notice) *
How to Write a Letter *
Is Your Heat On? *
Joint and Several Liability *
Landlord Entry & Landlord Entry: Dispelling the Confusion *
Landlord References *
Landlord Retaliation
Landlord's Perspective: Unwanted Guests *
Lapsed Leases *
Lease Renewal Already? *
Liquidated Damages *
Mediation in Wisconsin *
Mobile Home Basics *
Mold *
Moving Days 2018 *
Moving Out of One Apartment and Into Another
Negligence *
Negotiation 101 *
Non-Renewal Reasons? *
Non-Standard Rental Provisions *
Normal Wear and Tear *
Notice When Ending a Tenancy *
Parking in Madison
Parking Part IV (this is the most recent in a series of law changes about parking) *
Peaceful Enjoyment *
Pets and Service Animals
Preparing to Rent
Quick and Dirty Guide to Renting in Wisconsin
Reading Your Lease *
Rent To Own *
Renters Insurance *
Renting with a Criminal Conviction or Arrest Record
Renting with Disabilities *
Repairs and Reimbursement *
Repairs in the City of Madison
Repairs in Wisconsin (outside of the City of Madison)
Roommates and You
Searching For Housing *
Section 8: For Tenants, For Landlords, Terminations *
Security Deposit Myths Debunked! *
Security Deposit Roundup *
Security Deposits in the City of Madison
Security Deposits in Wisconsin
Should I Stay or Should I Go? (Notice to End a Term Lease) *
Small Claims Court Tips *
Snow and Ice *
Spring Roundup *
Subletting,* and All about Subletting
Summer Heat*
Tenant Property and Property Left Behind
The Human Cost *
Things Can Be Hard *
This Was a Terrible Idea *
Tips for Cosigners *
Tips for Landlords *
Weatherproof Your Rental *
What Is Home To You? *
What Kind of Lease Do I Have? *
When It Rains, It Pours, and When It Pours, It Floods *
Winter Issues *
Winter No-Go Clause *
Write That Conversation Down *

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