Locations, Services, and Contact Information

Main Office: 2510 Winnebago St, Madison, WI 53704

Walk In Hours: Monday through Thursday 9am to 6pm

Dane County Hotline: 608-257-0006

En Español: ​608-237-8913 | [email protected]

Eviction Prevention: Ext. 7

Email: [email protected]


Madison College Goodman South: 2429 Perry Street, Madison, WI 53713

Walk In Hours: Saturday 10am to 2pm

Dane County Hotline: 608-257-0006

En Español: ​608-237-8913 | [email protected]

Eviction Prevention: Ext. 7

Email: [email protected]


Campus Office: 333 East Campus Mall (Student Activity Center), Room 4001

Walk In Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 10:00am to 4pm

Phone: 608-292-5608

Email:  [email protected]


Our Programs

Housing Counseling

We provide free information and referrals on rental rights and responsibilities to tenants and landlords in Dane County. Services are available to those who call, email, or drop by our offices. We also provide sample letters, forms, and more information on most major topics. Services are available in English and Spanish.

This service was previously available statewide. Unfortunately, due to recent funding cuts, this service is only available for those living in the City of Madison and Dane County. Want to help us restore this service statewide? Visit our Take Action page for more information.

Eviction Prevention

We provide free information to tenants and landlords about rental rights/responsibilities, relevant housing laws, and basic information about the court process at Dane County eviction court. Services are available before the eviction hearing or mediation session. Please note: our housing counselors are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice or represent anyone in court.

  • If tenants are evicted, we help provide services for housing search, make a plan so they don't end up in a homeless shelter, and help them understand what services might be available in Dane County.
  • If tenants enter into a payment plan at court, we can work with those tenants for up to three months to help make sure they have the resources necessary to meet that agreement.
  • Limited funds may be available for nonpayment of rent for those who have been homeless in the past 5 years, have a large family (5 or more) or who need an accessible unit.

By Appointment: 608-257-0006 ext 7

Housing Mediation Services

We administer a program in which mediators facilitate negotiations between tenants and landlords during the Small Claims Court eviction hearing each week in order to prevent homelessness. Mediators may also be available for Dane County out-of-court mediation. Mediation services are only for Dane County residents (free service at Small Claims Court for evictions; fees for out-of-court mediations may apply).

UW Madison

We offer services tailored for students at UW-Madison. We staff an office at the Student Activity Center (hours vary by semester) and give presentations around campus. Contact us if you are interested in a campus presentation.

Community Outreach and Education

We provide outreach and education through our local workshops and written materials. We give informative presentations around Wisconsin, are available for media interviews, and participate in community coalitions. Contact us if you are interested in working with us in any of these capacities. A fee is required for workshops, presentations, or day seminars outside of Dane County.

Homeless Services

We offer assistance finding housing, including limited case management, eviction prevention services, and rapid re-housing services. These services are only available through direct referral from the Dane County Coordinated Entry system.

Looking to connect with us about our programs or services? Please contact our Executive Team at the email below.


Looking to connect with us about our programs or services? Please contact our Executive Team.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 608-257-0006 ext 0

Fax: 608-229-1317