WPR: Eviction Filings Have Spiked in Dane County. A New Report Looks at Why.

Written by Sarah Lehr. Original Article Found Here. Last year, the number of eviction filings in Dane County nearly doubled compared to 2022. In 2023, Dane County landlords sought evictions in nearly 2,500 cases, according to a report released by the Eviction Diversion and Defense Partnership. That’s a 45 percent increase over the year prior, and more than three times the number of cases filed in 2021, according to data compiled by the partnership. Continue reading

The Cap Times: Eviction Filings in Dane County Skyrocket Amid Housing Crunch

Written by Nicholas Garton. Original Article Found Here. Landlords in Dane County filed for over 2,400 evictions in 2023, a nearly 50% increase from the prior year, according to a report from tenant advocacy groups and the University of Wisconsin Law School. Eviction levels in Wisconsin overall have exceeded what they were pre-pandemic, the report shows. “The number of eviction filings in Wisconsin in 2023 exceeded the number of filings in 2019,” said Korey Lundin, an attorney with Legal Action of Wisconsin, a nonprofit that represents people facing evictions. Continue reading

Channel3000: Call For Action: Tenants at Madison West Side Apartment Property Face 20-40% Rent Hikes

Written by Kathryn Merck. Original Article Found Here. MADISON, Wis. -- As many residents in the Madison area face increasing rent in order to stay where they live, one tenant at a west side property says the numbers he's facing are particularly outrageous.  David Rivera-Kohr has lived at his two bedroom apartment at the Royal Arms on Madison's west side for almost three years. He said last year, when his previous landlord died, Orosz Properties became the landlord of his home. Continue reading

Channel3000: Dane County Landlords Filed For A Record Number of Evictions in 2023

Written by Braden Ross. Original Article Found Here. MADISON, Wis. -- Dane County landlords filed for eviction more than 2,500 times in 2023 according to a newly released report from the Tenant Resource Center. Eviction filings in the county in 2023 were up nearly 50 percent compared to last year. "Tenant Resource Center is present in every single eviction proceeding that happens in Dane County," said Matt Koz, finance director for the Tenant Resource Center. "Rent continues to increase, the available assistance in the community outside of these emergency programs doesn't rise to meet that same need, and the available housing in Dane County doesn't continue to rise as fast as the need that tenants have." Continue reading

WMTV: New Tenant Resource Center Site in Sun Prairie

Written by Mikayla Denault. Original Article Found Here. SUN PRAIRIE, Wis. (WMTV) - A collaboration between the City of Sun Prairie and Sunshine Place Community Resource Center introduced a new satellite site of the Tenant Resource Center (TRC) to the community. Housed in Sunshine Place, it provides housing services and information on West Main Street. The opening of the facility comes after continued conversations between Sunshine Place and the City of Sun Prairie since May 2023. With transportation being a main issue for TRC’s clients, Project Manager Bryan Antimo said those conversations began because TRC wanted to expand their services outside of the Madison-area to meet people where they reside. Continue reading

Spectrum News: New Tenant Resource Office Opens As Eviction Filings Rise

Written by Savanna Tomei. Original Article Found Here. MADISON, Wis. – The Tenant Resource Center has a new location to serve people as eviction filings jump across Wisconsin. Dane County’s Tenant Resource Center helps people navigate all kinds of rental issues. They’re busier than ever as more Wisconsinites are facing eviction. Continue reading

HNG News: City of Sun Prairie and Sunshine Place Welcome Tenant Resource Center to Community

Original Article Found Here The City of Sun Prairie and Sunshine Place have announced the arrival of Tenant Resource Center (TRC) to the community, addressing a significant need in Sun Prairie. According to the city’s press release, TRC offers a comprehensive range of services, encompassing housing counseling, eviction prevention, housing mediation, outreach and education. Continue reading

WMTV: Tenant Resource Center To Address Housing Resource Needs in Sun Prairie

Written by Benjamin Cadigan. Original Article Found Here. SUN PRAIRIE, Wis. (WMTV) - The Tenant Resource Center is coming to Sun Prairie, and the city is hoping it will provide needed housing resources to the community. TRC is a Wisconsin nonprofit that focuses on providing resources for renters. Continue reading

WKOW: Tenant Resource Center Moves Main Office, Expands to Sun Prairie

Written by JT Cestkowski. Original Article Found Here. MADISON (WKOW) -- The Tenant Resource Center (TRC) is dealing with a different kind of housing: its own. The non-profit has moved from its previous location to a new spot in the name of expanding access.  TRC deals with a lot more than evictions. Continue reading

Wisconsin State Journal: Tenant Resource Center To Move Locations On Madison's East Side

Written by Emilie Heidemann. Original Article Found Here. A nonprofit that helps renters navigate issues with their landlords is moving to a new location on Madison’s East Side, with an opening slated for Jan. 2. The Tenant Resource Center is in the process of moving out of its roughly 2,000-square-foot office at 1202 Williamson St. and into a much larger 5,000-square-foot space at 2510 Winnebago St. Continue reading