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Materials for Landlords and Apartment Managers:

Apartment Management in Wisconsin: This 200+ page self-help manual written for property owners and managers contains information on state and local rental laws and regulations. It also contains sample letters and forms to assist landlords in resolving rental problems. Now Available! Fourth Edition, 2005. Contact TRC for current pricing and availability or download a printable order form.

NEW! Apartment Management in Wisconsin is also on sale at:
Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative
426 W. Gilman St.
Madison, WI 53703

Below is a list of other forms included in the book.

  • 5-Day Cure or Quit Notice
  • 5-Day Termination Notice Due to Nuisance
  • 14-Day Termination Notice
  • 30-Day Cure or Quit Notice
  • Acceptance of Rental Application, Letter for
  • Application Checklist
  • Application for Co-signer
  • Application for Residential Tenancy
  • Application Standards Letter
  • Credit Check Notification
  • Disclosure Checklist
  • Disclosures Required in City of Madison
  • Landlord Entry Notice
  • Landlord Reference Questions
  • Lead-Based Paint and/or Lead-Based Paint Hazards Disclosure of Information
  • Not Sufficient Funds Letter
  • Rejection of Rental Application
  • Renewal of Lease
  • Security Deposit Deductions
  • Smoke Detector Notice
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