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Tenant Resource Center operates the Housing Help Desk located in Room 2 (near the vending machines) at the Dane County Job Center.  Help Desk staff can also help clients fill out applications for subsidized housing and can sometimes find assistance or answers to difficult questions by consulting with other service providers in the community.

Phone: (608) 257-8278 Fax: (608) 286-0804 
Walk-In: 1819 Aberg Avenue, Room 2
Hours: 10am -2pm, Monday - Friday

At the Housing Help Desk, tenants, landlords and service providers can find information, applications and referrals to help people find and maintain quality, affordable housing. For information and services, contact the Housing Help Desk at (608) 242-7406, or stop in during business hours.

The Dane County Job Center is a one stop location for county services including employment search, transportation, Emergency Assistance grants, food stamps and medical assistance. For more information on these programs, please contact Dane County Human Services at (608) 242-7441.

Looking for Housing

If you are looking for housing, please click here for some of the resources that we give out at the Housing Help Desk.

Behind on Rent? Need a Security Deposit?

The Housing Help Desk maintains information on community resources that may be available to provide eviction prevention funds, security deposit funds, and other emergency financial assistance. See our brochures, in pdf format:

Help Desk clients may be interested in a referral to one of the many agencies, faith groups, community groups, nonprofit groups and individuals that provide assistance to those in crisis. Many of these local services can also be found through United Way's First Call for Help, 2-1-1.

Housing Crisis Fund

The Housing Help Desk, with donations from individual donors and the Dane County Department of Human Services, gives out small grants to help prevent homelessness for clients.  To seek use of the funds, contact the Housing Help Desk.  If you'd like to contribute, please do so through our donations page.

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