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Party Time!

Recently, we had a staff meeting here at the TRC. And, weirdly (based on my experience at other offices), we laughed much of the way through. We actually laugh a lot here. Not because the stuff we handle is trivial (it's not! So many clients see their housing problems compounding as laws get more complicated, financial help becomes more scarce, and their poverty rates increase). 

I think it's because we get to spend time with some pretty incredible folks. We maintain 3 separate offices, field tens of thousands of calls per year, answer so many questions. We get to hear people's most personal stories, and we carry their pain forward, finding meaning in what we do and, hopefully, making things a little better. We are surrounded by astounding volunteers (thousands of hours of dedicated time each year). 

So, we're making the obvious choice: We're throwing a party. And you're invited. 

Party info is here! The basics are: Friday, October 24, from 5-7pm at the Brink Lounge, in Madison. We are going to have an amazing silent auction focused on pieces of art, so you can shop for your family's holiday presents while also helping us continue our mission to find housing justice in Wisconsin.

If you can't make it, please donate! Everyone is welcome to come celebrate (regardless of ability to donate).

Also: stay tuned! We'll be posting photos of some of the amazing silent auctions on our Facebook page.

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