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See you on Friday!

Hey, there internet folks!  The TRC has a fundraiser coming up, and yours truly is one of the participating chefs!  I've been writing blog posts here for about a month, and I'd love to meet the people for whom I write.  

The TRC's annual Iron Chef Fundraiser is this Friday, April 4 from 5-7pm at The Brink Lounge in Madison.  Cooks compete in an Iron Chef style event, where we make food based on a secret ingredient.  We get to learn our secret ingredient ahead of time, but not that much ahead of time.  We'll make appetizer sized foods, and you and the judges get to decide who does it best!

I'm a staff member here at the TRC, but I'm volunteering for this event because I believe in what we do here at the TRC.  It's tricky for tenants and landlords to know how to approach these difficult legal issues that the TRC attempts to demystify, and I believe that knowledgeable tenants and landlords make for a more just housing market for everyone. 

So, come find me! Taste the foods I make, and let me know what you've read and enjoyed; let me know what kinds of topics you'd like me to tackle.  I'd love to meet the folks who pay attention to the work we do here at the TRC, and it'd be great if you could support us going forward in our mission for housing justice in Wisconsin!

More information about the event is here: TRC Iron Chef Fundraiser.

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