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Thanks for coming!

Thanks so much to those who made it out to the TRC's Iron Chef Event this past Friday the 4th!  We had a bunch of fun!  We successfully made our goal, because of the enthusiastic support of our guests, our cooks, our sponsors and our staff. 

See below for our candid photos!

The Iron Chef battles were:

  • Coconut battle: Diane Brown of Dane County Timebank with her incredible Coconut Island display vs. Dana Pellebon of Porchlight. Dana Pellebon was the winner!
  • Pineapple battle: Beth Zeier (with spectacular ham and pineapple dumplings) vs. Team "Secret Ingredient #12" (Laura Dixson-Kruijf & Ruthie Schommer). Laura and Ruthie were the winners!
  • Ginger battle: Norm Littlejohn (fabulous longtime TRC volunteer) vs. Forrest McKnight. Norm Littlejohn was the winner!
  • Maple battle: Joanne Brown (with the delightful Wisconsin Butter Cake) vs. Michael Jacob. Michael Jacob was the winner!
  • Lemon battle: Josh Kalscher vs. Sue Kozubek & Karen Andro (and their delicious lemon caper meatballs). Josh Kalscher was the winner, with the support of Katie Childs and family!

In the overall categories, Michael Jacob cleaned up! He won the Judge's Best Overall Dish and the People's Choice Award for his Chipotle squash filo pockets.

Thanks to our judges! Jackie Woodruff, Corey Jacob, Heidi Wegleitner, Dan Curd, Danielle Zirkel and Wendy Goldberg worked tirelessly to pin down the best food of the night.

An in-action shot of our current TRC staff (from left to right: Sam, Anders, Brenda, Laura, Yvonne, Cristina and Matt):

TRC Staff Candid


Some of our Chefs:

Sue Kozubek & Karen Andro  Norm Littlejohn 

 Forrest McKnight  Porchlight's Team Coconut 

 Coconut Island  Both Pineapple Teams!

Michael Jacob

Some sumptuous food:

Delicious Things

Happy Participants:

Happy Guests  Happy Guests 

 Happy Guest

A special thanks to our sponsors, who make it all possible: John Koch, Madison Development Corporation, Megan and Scott McDonell, Chuck & Connie Smalley, Mitch, Joe & Marty Clausius, Community Justice, Inc., Pat Dibiase and Allen Rull, Jeanne Erickson, Juscha Robinson and Steve Herrick, Dace Zepsand tim, Vicky Selkowe, Heidi Wegleitner, Susan Pastor, Arlene Silviera, Ledell Zellers, Norm Littlejohn, Lisa Subeck, Carol Weidel, Debbie Percival, Carol Carstensen, Stuart Levitan, Jennifer Sternbach, Hirsch Architect Group, Russell Ainsworth, Dan O'Callaghan, Marj Passman, Today, Not Tomorrow - Project Babies; Wendy & Alan Goldberg, Leland Pan. 

We hope you join us next year!


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