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Trivia Night - Fall Fundraiser

The Tenant Resource Center is celebrating a tough year fighting for Housing Justice in Wisconsin by throwing a trivia party! We will be hosting a zoom event, hosted by Premier Trivia. Please join us!

How? Sign your team up through this form. 

Suggested donation is $75 per team of up to 6 people. Once you sign up, we'll send you a zoom link. (Interested in attending but don't want to play trivia? Sign up below to join us for the evening!) 

What do I need to know?

  • Zoom: The event will be over zoom! You are welcome to be together as a group, or far apart. (If you need help and don't have zoom yourself, we can help! Let us know at [email protected])
  • Door prizes: All donations made through the trivia donation page will give you an entry into our door prizes! We'll have 2 exciting prize baskets, each valued at over $200!
  • Game prizes: Team winners will receive extensive bragging rights and a winner's gift designed by local artist, Emily Balsley. 
  • Hints and Answers: You can buy your way to a victory! (This is a fundraiser, after all). $50 buys one free hint, $100 buys two free hints, $250 buys one free answer, and $500 buys 3 hints and an answer. All donations register you for a door prize entry. 
  • Level of fun: Last year, we had a blast! It was the best party we'd been to since the coronavirus began. We hope to have just as much fun this year, but that will only be possible if you bring your friends and rivals! So, please spread the word. 

Why support the TRC? 

Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic our dedicated team of 32 staff (Eviction Prevention Specialists, Navigators, Housing Counselors, Case Managers and Admin) along with 12 volunteer Housing Counselors were able to provide more than $25 million in emergency rental assistance throughout Dane County. Over 18,500 individuals were able to remain safely in their homes while at the same time receiving over 180,000 calls in our call center (that's more than half the number of calls we received in our entire 38 year history before the pandemic began)! While everyone has been awaiting the anticipated eviction tsunami we effectively held this at bay AND at the end of the eviction moratorium were able to launch the Eviction Diversion and Defense Partnership which provides FREE legal representation for tenants in eviction court as well as financial assistance and a variety of other housing stability services - again ALL FREE of CHARGE! What a pandemic it's been! 

But we want to do more! And we need your help. Here's how we hope to do that in the year to come:

  • Grow our Eviction Diversion and Defense Project! Offering FREE legal representation for tenants at eviction court is an incredible way to slow the automatic nature of evictions, as seen recently in Milwaukee, and before that, New York City. We are so excited to be getting this crucial project off the ground, and to expand its reach in the year to come so that more tenants have these critical protections. 
  • Continue to offer housing counseling to tenants and landlords in Dane Co. Tenants who are informed are less likely to lose their housing over unnecessary disputes, and landlords who know the law are less likely to take unnecessarily reactive legal action. It's a win-win. (Call us if you have questions). 
  • Fundraise for our Housing Crisis Fund. So much of the money moving through Dane Co. has serious strings attached, which makes sense, since it originally comes from the federal government. However! Sometimes people fall through the cracks. The Housing Crisis Fund allows us to help people who would not otherwise qualify for aid, such as undocumented tenants. Donate here!
  • Continue to offer case management for chronically homeless individuals. These are folks who have been traumatized by our housing system, and who have run out of options. Our incredible case managers find housing for them and offer support as they move towards housing stability. 

What else can I do?

Unable to attend the event, but still want to support our efforts? Click here to donate today!

December 09, 2021 at 7:30pm - 10:30pm
Liam Manjon Molly Wells Erica Lopez Zachary Olson Deana Mey Catherine Reierson Tara Barica Jael Currie Shanise Morgan Nathan Westbrook Lisa Grueneberg Keith Sayles Brad Schlag Jennifer Binkley Michael S Goodman Robin Sereno

Who's RSVPing

Liam Manjon
Molly Wells
Erica Lopez
Zachary Olson
Deana Mey
Catherine Reierson
Tara Barica
Jael Currie
Shanise Morgan
Nathan Westbrook
Lisa Grueneberg
Keith Sayles
Brad Schlag
Jennifer Binkley
Michael S Goodman
Robin Sereno

Will you come?

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