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Phone: (608) 257-0006

Hmoob: (608) 257-0006 x 2
Español: (608) 257-0006 x 1

E-mail: uw@tenantresourcecenter.org

For information about presentations to groups of students, contact us at (608) 257-0006 x 0 or uw@tenantresourcecenter.org.

Rights for student tenants are the same as for other tenants. And in fact, students are a protected class in Madison and discrimination against them is illegal. A full list of rights for tenants in the City of Madison is here. However, here is some information about tenant rights and responsibilities that students find especially helpful:

*Indicates document is currently being revised. Please contact us at our main office or our campus office for current information or questions about your rights and responsibilities.

  • Quick and Dirty Guide to Renting in Madison*
  • Roommates & You*
  • Repairs in Madison*
  • Ending Your Lease*
  • Security Deposits in Madison*
  • Joint and Several Liability*
  • Subletting*
  • Parking in Madison*


Forms that may be useful:


Helpful links:

The Tenant Resource Center has been part of the Madison student community for over 30 years!  Please thank ASM for seeing our consistent commitment to supporting students.


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