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Volunteer For Us!

The TRC is a unique agency. We do a ton of amazing work on a shoestring budget, we have an incredibly committed and empathetic staff, but our ace card is, for sure, our volunteers. 

Volunteering for our agency is not an easy thing to do. But. It is worthwhile. Many of our volunteers go on to use their skills in their careers and everyday lives, to the betterment of everyone around them. 

Volunteer Housing Counselors

The majority of our volunteers are housing counselors who work directly with individual clients, helping them resolve rental housing issues. 

This is some of the most challenging and rewarding volunteer work out there. Volunteers are the primary point of contact for people who need real solutions for real problems. As housing counselor, they learn to guide clients through difficult situations with clear information and practical action, promoting housing justice one person at a time. We provide extensive training and support, no legal background is required!

Volunteers get the full seminar experience, without paying the fee. We believe that this allows volunteers to take this information back into their networks and their lives, and our community steadily improves because of their commitment. 

TRC is seeking committed, passionate people who can volunteer for 3-6 hours/week for a minimum of one year. 
We will train volunteers in tenant landlord law and provide lots of support as they assist clients in our main office. Shifts are available between 9am - 6pm, Monday - Friday, and we are flexible for changes in schedule for semester breaks, etc.

To sign up as a housing counselor volunteer, contact our office manager ([email protected]) and for general information about the housing counseling program, click here. We are having a volunteer training June 2-3 and we'd love for you to come! Register here

But we don't just need housing counselor volunteers! We are also seeking:

  • Board Members: do you have a sense of what the TRC is within the Madison, Dane County and Wisconsin-wide tenant-landlord community? Then this might be the post for you! We are seeking diverse candidates for the board, to help us stay true to our direction, and guide our agency. To volunteer, fill out our Board Member Application and return it to [email protected]
  • Mediators: Each Tuesday, trained mediators are present at Small Claims Court, to mediate eviction hearings between tenants and landlords. Mediators are successful in finding settlements that lessen the likelihood of ongoing homelessness, but also relieve enough pressure so that court commissioners can likewise take enough individualized time to make thoughtful decisions in the cases presented to them. This program has been active for several decades, and has impressive outcomes. We ask that mediators are already trained, and then go through a training process with our committed corps of volunteer mediators. To volunteer as a mediator, please email our office manager at office@tenantresourcecenter.org
  • Office Volunteers: There is a special place in our hearts for the people who come in to help with office tasks, like folding brochures, labeling envelopes, and making the copious copies needed for seminar season (which is fast approaching!). To volunteer, please email our Scott, our office manager, at [email protected]
  • Someone with Database Skillz: Our database is a mess! PLEASE SEND HELP. We would love love love someone who likes to fix databases. We would love you forever. Please email us at [email protected] to volunteer.
  • Paralegals or Attorneys already trained in Tenant-Landlord law: Because of the most recent round of law changes, we have a bunch of changes to make in our brochures, website and training guide. Are you familiar with the law, a great editor, and in need of a way to make the world a better place? If so, DO WE EVER HAVE A JOB FOR YOU. Please email us at [email protected] to volunteer.

Volunteering can be the remedy to so many situations: Can't find a job? Volunteer! Need to bulk up your resume? Volunteer! Want to feel like your place in the world is worthwhile? VOLUNTEER! We know how hard it is to find a place to volunteer that speaks to your heart. We hope that we do! Please contact us if you have any questions. 


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