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You Blew Us Away!

Last week, we had an amazing fundraiser. In order to understand what these mean to us, you have to imagine the scene around here. Clients tell us such rough stories (sitting in the inbox right now: "we are a family of five and have no bathroom," "we've been given a non-renewal notice and can't find new housing," "we can't make it work," "we're about to be homeless"). Such sadness. Such inhumane conditions out there.

And our amazing staff and volunteers - we listen, we give available solutions, we help draft letters. We come up with strategies in impossible situations. We are sad, too. We fight, often off the clock, against these inhumane conditions. On a lot of days, it can feel like a losing battle.

But last Friday. Woah, you guys. Last Friday. So many people. Such joy in being a community together. I'm getting teary just writing about it. 

Our Iron Chef event on April 1 was the best we've ever had. The food was AH-MAY-ZING. The chefs and judges worked so hard, and besides that, are truly cool folks. We earned more than we've ever earned, and it made us feel like you guys want us to keep fighting. It felt really good to hear that. 

Here are the incredible people who made this event possible:

The Chefs:
- Leslie B. Elkins & Elizabeth Folberg (Kramer, Elkins & Watt, LLC) VS. Beth Zeier in BATTLE CHOCOLATE. Winners were Leslie Elkins and Elizabeth Folberg!
- Michael Jacob VS Nick Isham & Jeremy Beloungy (Wisconsin Cutlery and Kitchen Supply) in BATTLE PICKLES. Winner was Michael Jacob!
- Rep. Lisa Subeck & Zach Madden VS Joel Girard in BATTLE GINGER. Winner was Joel Girard!
- Sarah Gilmore VS Norm Littlejohn in BATTLE POBLANO PEPPERS. Winner was Sarah Gilmore!
- Shadayra Kilfoy VS. Carmen Evanco in BATTLE GARLIC. Winner was Shadayra Kilfoy!
- Wendy Goldberg VS Nicole Bookhout in BATTLE COFFEE. Winner was Nicole Bookhout!
- Kendi Larabee VS Conner Wild (Bethel Homeless Support Services) in BATTLE SWEET POTATOES. Winner was Kendi Larabee!
- Amanda Munsey VS Read Eldred in BATTLE PEANUT BUTTER. Winner was Read Eldred!
- Chris Laurent (Cinnaire) was the winer and sole participant of BATTLE LIME.

The Awards:
- Chris Laurent won the judge's choice award for his Lime Sorbet, where the judges decided the best dish they'd eaten all night.
- Leslie Elkins and Elizabeth Folberg won the People's Choice award for their dirt cups (with merengue mushrooms and ginger gummy worms!), in the award voted upon by delighted guests.
- Nicole Bookhout won the Citizen's United Award, proving once again, that some elections can be bought. 
- Theresa Vasen and Sheila Palinkas won the Yelp Award, by posting pictures to Instagram and tagging them with #YelpTRC

A Big Special Thanks To: 
- Our Judges! They had to eat 63 dishes of food! And live to tell the tale. These intrepid people were: Alder David Ahrens, Jeanne Erickson, Tom Hirsch, Corey Jacob, Heidi Konkel, Melissa Mennig, Supervisor Michelle Ritt, Libby Tucci, Tania Twining (Alexander RE) and Sich Sloan.
- Our Sponsors! The list is here, and we love it when you give your business to businesses that support the TRC.
- Our Amazing Housing Counselors, who are the ones who make our work possible, every day.
- Erika Lopez who made many things easier (and prettier), Leslie Amsterdam who took photos, Sydney who sat at the front desk and helped with the counting, and our Board.

Photos are available here, all taken by the amazing Leslie Amsterdam. A small taste:



25694451274_0af9c12449_m.jpg 25694453164_2e449438e6_m.jpg 25694469274_da96a5ee0a_m.jpg 25694468314_32cbc1ceeb_m.jpg 

 25694453994_4a248db47f_m.jpg 25696575803_d9162b3f9b_m.jpg 26026467820_899d225b5b_m.jpg 26026449650_570e91025e_m.jpg  26026471800_2740d12e43_m.jpg  26233037491_3a41c4c628_m.jpg 26273356806_7b3af3584b_m.jpg 26273380066_d7edb08dec_m.jpg 25696562823_9cbc237eba_m.jpg 26206916582_86a552d427_m.jpg

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