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You Guys Are Amazing!

Last week, so many of you turned out for our Iron Chef event - it was the best one we'd had in over 5 years! After a devastating week and a year filled with complex and compounding client problems, it was amazing to gather with Our People, the ones who keep us going, who feed us, who volunteer and joke and know the depth of the issues that we encounter everyday. Thanks. Really.

As a reward, here are the candid photos, the list of incredible chefs (and winners!), discerning judges and impressively generous sponsors.

Our Talented Chefs:

  • Battle Squash: Kate Morand VS. Forrest McKnight. Winner: Kate Morand
  • Battle Cheese: Lisa Subeck VS. Nick Isham. Winner: Nick Isham, representing Access to Independence
  • Battle Cilantro: Brett Hulsey VS. James Wells. Winner: James Wells, representing DryHooch
  • Battle Popcorn: Michael Jacob VS. Matt Kozlowski. Winner: Michael Jacob
  • Battle Fennel: Norm Littlejohn VS. Beth Zeier. Winner: Norm Littlejohn
  • Battle Mango: Kevin Evanco VS. Katie McGlenn. Winner: Family McGlenn 

Winner of Peoples' Choice Award for Best Single Dish: Nick Isham, representing Access to Independence, for Fontina Arancini 

Judges Best Overall Dish: Lisa Subeck for Cheesecake Pops 

Our Discerning Judges:

  • Corey Jacob
  • Dee Dee Collette
  • Jeanne Erickson
  • Jody Mather
  • Ken Opin
  • Peng Her
  • Sebastian Renfield
  • Steve Vig

Generous Sponsors: Hirsch Architect Group ∙ Access to Independence ∙ Alfonso Zapeda-Capistran ∙ Art & Sue Lloyd ∙ Barbara Bolles ∙ Beth Harper ∙ Carol & Peter Carstensen ∙ Christy Bachmann ∙ Chuck & Connie Smalley ∙ CMI Management, Inc. ∙ Dan O'Callaghan ∙ Dana Chabot ∙ Deb Percival & Steve Grever ∙ Deborah Speckmann ∙ Don & Marj Passman ∙ Erica Lopez ∙ Gary Poulson ∙ Heidi Wegleitner & P.T. & Lincoln Bjerke ∙ Jeanne Erickson ∙ Joe & Marty Clausius ∙ Juscha Robinson & Steve Herrick ∙ Kate Morand ∙ Ledell Zellers & Simon Anderson ∙ Leland Pan ∙ Lori Kief ∙ Marcia & Paul Hazen ∙ Marianne Morton ∙ Marilyn Feil ∙ Marsha Rummel ∙ Mary Anglim & John Koch ∙ Megin & Scott McDonell ∙ Michael, Lisa & Corey Jacob ∙ Mike Verveer ∙ Moira Urich ∙ Pat DiBiase & Allen Ruff ∙ Peter Ostlind ∙ Rick & Sara Richards ∙ Russell & Courtenay Ainsworth ∙ Sandy Ward ∙ Sharon Kilfoy ∙ Sheila Guilfoyle ∙ Steve King ∙ Steve Vig ∙ Stu Levitan ∙ Sue Pastor ∙ Tina Dueringer ∙ Today Not Tomorrow-Project Babies ∙ Vicky Selkowe Wegner & Associates ∙ Wendy & Alan Goldberg ∙ Wisconsin's Women's League for Peace & Freedom 

Specialty Cocktails:

  • The "Ten-Mint's Rye-ts" (Rye Whiskey, Mint, Sugar)
  • The "Se-Curacao-ity Deposit" (Blue Curacao, Gin, Sweet & Sour, Pineapple Juice)
  • The "Apple-ca-Gin Fee" (Gin, Sour Apple Schnapps, Sweet & Sour, Apple Juice)


Candid Photos:


The Mango Teams!

Family McGlenn vs. Kevin Evanco


Norm Littlejohn

James_of_Dryhooch.jpg Team of James Wells, representing DryHooch



The Ten-Mint Rye-ts Cocktail


Lisa Subeck's Team


Nick Isham's Team, representing Access to Independence


Kate Morand & Team


Forest McKnight


Michael Jacob & the amazing 5-course meal of popcorn


Matt Kozlowski


 Brett Hulsey's Team


The Apple-ca-Gin Fee Cocktail


TRC Staff & volunteers, applauding the chefs


Yvonne & Cristina


The judges making their careful decisions


Staff & a cute kiddo, having fun 


When you give a 4-yr old a camera, at the end of the night, you have many pics of feet, and lots of blurry, mis-framed smiling people. 





Thanks so much to everyone who sponsored, cooked, judged, donated and attended. We hope to see you next year!

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