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Has the Tenant Resource Center helped you?

We hope so! The Tenant Resource Center is a non-profit membership organization with a small staff supported by dependable and dedicated volunteers. Our funding comes from grants, workshops, publication and sales. But, that doesn't cover everything. We also rely on individual donations, large and small. Your support is greatly appreciated and allows us to continue to provide free quality services to tenants and landlords throughout Wisconsin.


By becoming a sustainer!

A sustaining donor agrees to have a contribution to the Tenant Resource Center automatically and securely donated through paypal each month. Being a sustainier helps supply a steady and reliable source of funding for the organization, saving staff valuable time and energy that can be used to help our clients more quickly. Click here to visit our Sustainers page for more information.

Become a sustainer today by visiting our sustainers page for more information!

In person or by mail!

Cash donations or checks made out to "Tenant Resource Center" for operations support are always welcome at our office or events. Click here for printable donation form.

Donations can be mailed to:

Tenant Resource Center

1202 Williamson Street, Suite 102

Madison, WI 53703

Online Now!

Want to support Tenant Resource Center right now? Click the link below to make a donation today!

Click here to donate to the Tenant Resource Center online today!

Through Community Shares of Wisconsin!

TRC is a proud member agency of Community Shares of Wisconsin, the nation's oldest social action fund. You can also donate to the Tenant Resource Center online through CSW's website. And don't forget about the annual fall workplace giving campaign that may be available through your employer, where you can designate the Tenant Resource Center and many other Community Shares partner agencies to receive donations as an automatic payroll deduction on the schedule you choose. If your employer is not currently a CSW workplace giving site, please let us know!

Through the Dane County TimeBank!

TRC is a member of the Dane County TimeBank. If you are a TimeBank member, please consider donating TimeBank Hours to TRC. This, in turn, allows us to reward volunteers who are TimeBank members with TimeBank Hours.

Right now through PayPal or with Visa/Mastercard by filling out the following form!

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Just made a donation to the Tenant Resource Center's Annual TRC Iron Chef Fundraiser, join me by sponsoring too!
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