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SB179 to be Voted On by Assembly Today

SB179 is the third bill in 2 years that wipes out tenants rights.  2011 Wis. Act 108 went into effect December 21, 2011 and mostly impacted Dane County, Madison and Fitchburg.  2011 Wis. Act 143 went into effect March 31, 2012 and affected many rights throughout Wisconsin.  Due to several errors and mistakes in that bill, there is now SB179 which fixes some of those mistakes and takes away more tenant's rights, drastically tipping the playing field in favor of landlords.  However!  Landlords, beware.  We fear many unintended consequences and misleading statements by the authors of this bill may get you in to trouble down the road.  So, once this bill goes into effect, make sure to check our website so you know your rights and responsibilities too!

More information on the law changes is here.

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