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GAH!!!!  We are, yet again in April and May 2018, making updates to the website. We will work as quickly as we can. This is the 6th law change in 6.5 years and we are working as fast as we can (feel free to donate here). Until all the updates are made to the website AND our training guides AND our staff AND volunteers are re-trained, brochures will not be available.

For quick summaries of the law changes, see our Law Changes Page.

Unless something else is written in your lease, one of five new laws might change your rights.

Purple text applies to leases and events as of 12/21/11 (2011 Wis. Act 108)

Orange text applies to leases and events as of 3/31/12 (2011 Wis. Act 143)

Green text applies to leases and events as of 3/1/14 (2013 Wis. Act 76)

Blue text applies to leases and events as of 11/1/15 (CR 14-038)

Maroon text applies to leases and events as of 3/2/16 (2015 Wis. Act. 176)

Brown text applies to leases and events as of 4/18/18 (2017 Wis. Act 317)

On 4/16/18, Governor Walker signed AB771 into law. It was published today (4/17/18) as 2017 Wis. Act 317 and goes into effect tomorrow (4/18/18). We are in the process of getting the links to the new laws and updating our website this week. Please be patient with us as we make the needed revisions. A summary of these changes can be found here.

More information on law changes is available here. Have your lease available when calling the Tenant Resource Center so we can help you know what your rights and remedies are, including whether you can request double damages, court costs and reasonable attorney fees when you sue your landlord.

NOTE: Some leases have rules that conflict with the eviction laws in Wis. Stat. 704. Those rules are not enforceable, unless it is a lease longer than a year. Wis. Stat. 704.17(5)(a) & (b), 2015 Wis. Act 176, Section 26 & 272015 Wis Act 176, Section 44, subsection 1, Eff. 3/2/16

Also: No matter what kind of lease it is, some of those rules are never enforceable and might even let the tenant break the contract without any consequences. More information is below under "Lease Rules About Eviction."

What is an eviction?

An eviction is a