Housing Counseling

The Tenant Resource Center Housing Counseling Program is available to both tenants and landlords and offers information on various aspects of Wisconsin housing law. Services are offered en Español and ua lus Hmoob.

To access these services, please contact us.

For Tenants

Tenants can get information on topics such as:

  • Earnest money - What is it? How does it work with application fees and credit checks?
  • Security deposits - What are the best practices to follow to get as much of the deposit back? What if the landlord withholds a portion of the deposit?
  • Breaking lease - What are the steps to follow?  What happens if I break my lease?
  • Repairs - What do I have to fix?  What does my landlord have to fix?  When does a landlord have to repair something and how long can the landlord take?
  • Eviction - Do I have to be out by the expiration date listed on the notice?  What can happen at court?

For Landlords

Landlords can get help with:

  • Eviction - What are the different kinds of notices and how do they work?  What are the steps I need to take to follow the procedure as defined in state law?
  • Repairs - What are my responsibilities?
  • Security deposits - What steps do I need to take to lawfully withhold a security deposit?
  • Mitigation - What is it and what do I need to do?
  • Tenancies - What are the different types and how do they bear upon the rental contract?

Other Services

In addition to the above, the Housing Counseling Program can also:

Housing Counseling services are offered en Español and lus Hmoob. To access TRC’s Housing Counseling services, please contact us. Our program is sustained by incredible volunteers and donations from folks like you!