Membership List

2022 Membership List

TRC is a membership organization. Only credentialed members can vote at our annual meeting,
coming up on June 7, 2022. The following people are current members of TRC:
1. Anyone employed by TRC in 2021 or 2022, who was not fired.
2. Anyone on the Board in 2021 or 2022, who was not removed.
3. Anyone who volunteered at least five hours in 2021.
4. Anyone who volunteered at least five hours in 2022.
5. Anyone who was present at the 2021 Membership Meeting, and anyone who volunteered in 2020, since those people were voted
in as members for another year during the 2021 annual membership meeting (exclusions for staff who were fired, or board members who were removed).

Abbey Cortes
Alexis Coffeen **
Alicia Gee
Alison Connelly
Alli Burgdorf
Allison Cooley
Allison Schauf
Amrutha Garimella
Amy Kell
Amy Noble
Andrea Singletary
Angel Davis
Anna Campbell
Anna Tobon
Bob Mincberg
Bryan Antimo
Cayana Amaguana Cachiguango
Chrisbelly Antimo
Clare Stumpf
Collin Erickson
Colm Fitzsimmons
Connor Schoelzel
Danielle Lennon
Darby O'Connor
Dave Flanagan
Dave Waterman
Ed Patton
Elenor Pratt
Emma Flanagan
Enzo Ciarletta
Erica Lopez **
Erin Lethlean
Floyd Wells
Fred Foster
Gentry Bieker
Giorgia Brandt
Gretchen Eternick
Hannah Renfro
Harini Josyer
Howard Bellman
Jamada Norris
Jason Murcko **
Jeff Lemessurier
Jennifer Pryor
Jim White
Joan Kemble
Joan Schilling
John Cook
Justin Schober **
Justine Jones
Kaleigh Mazola
Kat Garcia
Keith Sayles
Kia Stearn
Kora Schultz
Kristine Thomas-Kramer
Laura Bolhuis
Laura Dixson-Kruijf
Lauren Bates
Linnell Franklin
Logan Gade
Lolita Phillips
Luke Seaberg
Maggie Wolfe
Maria Beltran Quintero
Mary Anglim
Mary Murray
Mary Pfotenhauer
Matt Kozlowski
Matt Allie
Megan Spielbauer
Meghan O'Connell
Melinda Dresen
Michael Donnelly
Molly Wells
Mya Simms
Nathan Westbrook
Nazka Serrano
Nico Magallon Rix
Nicole Marsh
Pam Witzig
Pearl Foster
Robin Sereno
Rose Manjon
Sarah Batarfi
Sarah Fink
Saundra Brown
Serena Xu
Shanise Morgan
Shirley M. **
Shuka Konishi
Stevie Ward
Tasnia Kamal
Tessa Peterka
Tom Carney
Tyrone Poore
Victoria Cuenca Rojas
Wenda Mincberg
Zack Olson
Zeb Patek

As far as we know, the following people are current members of the TRC. For those with an
asterisk (*) next to their name, we don't have an email address, so please send them the annual
meeting info if you can. For those with two asterisks (**) by their name, they've opted out of emails
from us but are still welcome to register and attend. If you see any errors, please let us know by
emailing [email protected]