Behind on Rent

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This page provides general information on what options you have when you're behind on rent. For more detailed information about your rental rights and responsibilities, visit our Your Rights page. 

Step 1: Communicate With Your Landlord

At this point in the process, you may or may not have received an eviction notice giving you a deadline to pay the back-owed rent. In any case, you may want to consider keeping your landlord informed about your circumstances and next steps in addressing the back-owed balance. By now, most landlords in Dane County are familiar with the rental assistance programs in the area, but you may have to inform them of the programs you're applying for, keep them posted as you get information about your applications, or ask them for documents. Keeping your landlord informed of your circumstances can help prevent miscommunications and help keep your situation out of Eviction Court.

Whenever you communicate with your landlord, you should do so in writing and keep copies of the letters for yourself.

Sample Letters

Step 2: Apply for Assistance

There are several different types of assistance programs in Dane County; though most have very limited resources and have restrictions. For additional resources and referrals, you can contact the Tenant Resource Center at 608-257-0006 ext 7.