WMTV: New Tenant Resource Center Site in Sun Prairie

Written by Mikayla Denault. Original Article Found Here.

SUN PRAIRIE, Wis. (WMTV) - A collaboration between the City of Sun Prairie and Sunshine Place Community Resource Center introduced a new satellite site of the Tenant Resource Center (TRC) to the community. Housed in Sunshine Place, it provides housing services and information on West Main Street.

The opening of the facility comes after continued conversations between Sunshine Place and the City of Sun Prairie since May 2023. With transportation being a main issue for TRC’s clients, Project Manager Bryan Antimo said those conversations began because TRC wanted to expand their services outside of the Madison-area to meet people where they reside.

“So, to be able to get closer to those communities who need us the most and be able to provide the services and information, it has been a huge benefit,” Antimo reiterated.

After support from the City of Sun Prairie’s Housing Committee, the Affordable Housing Fund, Sun Prairie and Dane County secured resources and funds for the initiative.

There are many services, such as housing counseling, eviction prevention and housing mediation. The site is looking to spread awareness of what they have to offer.

While spreading awareness, Antimo said the main goals of this new site are to provide an accessible location and break language barriers.

“It’s much closer. So, there’s the benefit of accommodating the community here,” Antimo said.

With these benefits for the community, Antimo said they hope to grow TRC’s reach.

“So, it’s continuing to work on what we’re doing right now,” Antimo said. “Continuing to expand knowledge and making sure that people know and understand from both sides, landlords and tenants, what their responsibilities are and rights.”

This is just one site of other TRC locations across the Madison-area. To learn more about the Tenant Resource Center and how to volunteer, go to their website here.