Daily Cardinal: Nonprofit Tenant Resource Groups Help Tenants Amid Housing Crisis

Written by Ellie Bourdo. Original Article Found Here. Amid the ongoing housing crisis in Madison, the Tenant Resource Center (TRC) and Madison Community Cooperative (MCC) aim to offer solutions to those who feel the effects firsthand. The TRC is a nonprofit organization that has advocated for housing justice for over 40 years. They provide numerous resources to educate tenants, landlords and property managers on how to make well-educated decisions. Continue reading

NLC: Housing For Renters: Programs and Policies

Written by Mia Chapman. Original Article Found Here. With increasing demand for rental housing and rising rents across the country, it can be helpful to residents for cities, towns, and villages to create and support programs that assist renters in accessing safe and healthy housing.   Continue reading

The Badger Herald: Tenant's Rights, Responsibilities, Resources Guide

Written by Brianna Davis. Original Article Found Here. The City of Madison is currently experiencing low vacancy rates and increased demand — both from University of Wisconsin students and non-students. UW professor of urban planning Kurt Paulsen said vacancy rates in Madison have been below 2% as of January 2022, and described the housing market under these rates as giving landlords the “upper hand.” Under these conditions, vice president of the Campus Area Neighborhood Association Cleo Le said it is especially important to understand the rights of tenants in the state of Wisconsin. Continue reading

The Cap Times: Why Madison Rents Are Rising So Fast And Won't Slow Down

Written by Allison Garfield. Original Article Found Here. Madison rent prices are soaring at a record pace and residents are feeling the effects ripple through their lives — but the city has concluded the only legal solution to control the increases is to build more housing. That’s an answer that will take years to show results while tenants face life-changing decisions right now. Wisconsin state laws prohibit more proactive measures from local governments. And the few support services that exist for housing are already overwhelmed by the amount of need in the city. Continue reading

Isthmus: Evening The Playing Field

Written By Joe Tarr. Original Article Found Here. Robin Sereno has seen the difference that an attorney can make in the life of someone facing eviction. The executive director of the Tenant Resource Center says that about 90 percent of the landlords seeking to evict people have legal representation, whereas only about 3 percent of tenants do. Continue reading